23 May 2010

Marathon Mustaches: Fargo Marathon 2010

As a spectator you notice the sublime effects of a a stash. Men with mustaches just run better. Need I remind you of Prefontaine. He ran awesomely with a mustache. Dick Beardsley ran well with one too. At Fargo there was plenty of mustaches but I only count the ones without the beard accessory. Let's take a look at some of them.
Here we have a crowbar stash.Give him a competitor's edge.

I believe this is Tom Selleck running his first Fargo Marathon. He came by helicopter and will leave by Ferrari.

And top off this set, a Hulkster Stash. The guy behind him is quite envious. I'd watch out lest this Hulkamaniac pile drives the guy into the pavement for stash stalking.

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