Ugly-Weird Online Ads Strike Back

I think ugly-weird should be one word but to the fact the English language adapts so slowing to things that don't have to do with technology I will just use the ever useful hyphen. But back to the online ads. I came across a rare one. I have only seen this one once but it needed a write up.
This ad isn't really ugly but more disturbing. No old men or women, no weirdos, no unusual image connections, it is just a anamorphic dog. Dog reading news and pet medicines- they sorta relate.
It appears the ad channels Cassius Coolidge's work (Dogs Playing Poker.) Check out the link. Cassius was quite the illustrator of dogs living in man's world and same dogs playing poker. He branched out a little. Ardent R.E.M fans will recognize his work of the monkey with a parrot on a Columbia bicycle.

This advert also seems to be parodying another online ad making the rounds- young effervescent woman reporter discovers secrets of acai berry, making money from home, etc. You've probably seen it dozens of times. It attempts to look like some self-important news organization with an important message you should heed. I'd be happy if the dog reporter made the rounds spouting the virtues of heart worm medicines made with acai.


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