06 May 2010

More floods

It has been a horrendous week in Nashville, Tennessee. Storms earlier this week inundated  the Cumberland River and flooded much of Nashville and the surrounding area. 29 and possibly more have died.  A report is here.
Most assuredly our prayers go out to the citizens of Nashville and middle Tennessee. Having experienced an reported on flooding on here before, I know how dangerous and heartbreaking floodwaters can be to individuals. I think estimates are around a billion dollars in damage.
Unlike the Fargo floods, there really wasn't much warning. This was real flash flood- kind of similar to my April Fool's post this year.  I am not sure how accurately the  weather system that came through that region could be predicted much less prepared for a flood of that speed. It was over twice as much rainfall as the previous record and the Cumberland River crested at 12 feet above flood stage.
The Cumberland is nothing like the Red River. It has lots of dams and reservoirs and people generally enjoy recreation on the river. Not much on the Red, although there is some boating and fishing.
Samaritan's Purse is on the job helping with relief efforts.

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