Marathon Mustaches 2: Fargo Marathon 2010

Nothing but stellar reviews coming in about the Fargo Marathon. It tipped the scales with 20K+ registered runners. That's a whole lot of shoes. However, this post is not about the shoes. It is about the mustaches. So let's get to it and see what kind of mustaches were running this weekend. Sometimes finding the mustaches was a little difficult because from a distance the optical illusion shadow mustache. 

Below we've got a pretty good Jesse Ventura going on. He could take your Governor any day in the marathon.
 This one below had the added bonus of a full arm tattoo. I believe this mustache is an English.
Not sure what to call that one below. Has a Tom Selleck feel to it. But this guy is ready to rock with a few flasks around his waist.
This one is an exception. No stash. The guy in the middle of the picture has worked up quite a sweat. However the red headed fellow with the nice chops is bound to advance to the finish before him if only by the length of his sideburns.


Dawn said…
Funny thing... I stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for another. I simply clicked on "next blog" at the top o fmy own and found yours. Here's the funny part: looking at your links of other sites to the right on your blog, I see BeN GooDman... we have a Ben Goodman in our church locally, so I clicked on it, and sure enough it's the same guy! He's a great guy and recently prophesied over my daughter (whose blog I was looking for originally). I think God has an interesting sense of humor!
RoYcE said…
There's a guy from Idaho in my church who claims he went to the same church as Ben Goodman too. I'm not sure I believe him, he doesn't have a mustache.

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