Norwegians Win: Fargo Marathon 2010

It is a bit fitting that an Erichsen and a Thorvilson win the Fargo Marathon. Ufdah!
Here's Leah Thorvilson having a commanding lead just after mile 21. She would go on to make a "b" Olympic qualifying time.
Holly Ochs apparently fell a bit behind but came in 6th right behind Cindy Sondag. I was unaware of the identities of the women that came in 2nd-4th. The press didn't seem too interested in them either.
I never get to meet with these elites. The directors shuttle them off to who knows where. So I am left with just a electronic trail of race results and if I am lucky- a blog. I digress.
Onto other tidbits.
The most common name beginning with "Q" that ran any race was Quinn.
I only spotted 2 costumed runners this year: slender Santa and Superman. Unfortunately, no Elvis except I think I saw a guy named Elvis run by. With a race this large you'd think there would be an Elvis costume in the bunch.
By the time I got to the Dome, most spectators and participants were gone. The food looked far better than last year. There were inflatables for kids again this year and some bleachers by the finish line. I saw an octogenarian finish the marathon. However, most of the excitement was ebbing. I didn't go the awards ceremony because I had no clue that the Fargo Dome had a basement. Maybe then I could have got an exclusive quote from one of the top finishers.
I went outside and watch another handful of unsung finishers and then made my way home. Overall I felt like this edition of the marathon went over well. There was a better vibe than last year. In fact the vibe was so good some friends and I may have our own special spectator area with live music and special guest appearances (you know like Elvis.)
There will be more to come. I believe Cris Estes may have a thing or 2 say about his marathon experience this year. And I'll post some of the unsung finishers from the back. Until then rest easy.


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