Ugly weird ads keep coming

Another entry into the ugly online ad category crossed with an Obamavertment.
Although this one is not entirely ugly the old guy used in the image for this advert is a little unnerving. The guy looks like Don Quixote cum Father Time crossed with George Armstrong Custer (remember Little Big Horn) after a night of drinking and quoting Shakespeare. Maybe this is Nick Nolte. He's been heading in this direction for years.
Like the typical offenders invoking the name of Obama, this one goes from some bizzare images to Obama's urging the viewer to do something. In this one refinance. And indeed Obama has made this urging way back in 2009. Apparently nobody is responding to the urges of the top guy because these ads keep popping up and rarely with the President's image. I'd rather there be an Obamavertment that urges us to get off our butts. This may be in the works as Michelle Obama will be taking on obesity. I could imagine the possibilities for these ads.


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Tava Tea said…
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Scott said…
Yeah, I've seen those creepy ads... on Facebook, I think. Disturbing!

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