The cup and a play

The World Cup is fast approaching as most of the world knows. Well, this part of the world doesn't know it that well. They couldn't tell Lionel Messi from Clint Dempsey. The game stateside is still developing. It's adopted more American ways by eschewing relegation and embracing playoffs. Hence, why last season in MSL Real Salt Lake won the MLS cup despite having a losing record. Oh and Beckham and Co were on the losing end. Enough with the intro. This whole thing precipitated when DJ Segue had some questions concerning soccer this week. You see, he was confused why Barcelona won on Thursday night but Inter Milan go to the European Cup final. Well, its on of those insider things. The match was played over 2 games and the highest aggregate score advances. And if tied the goals scored away from home count more. Inter had 3 total goals to Barcelona's 2. The World Cup used to be played similarly during the early years of the tournament. Now it follows a league and knock-out stage process.
What I recommend to those of you like DJ Segue who are not quite familiar with the nuances of games is to attempt to acquire a book that helped me out many years ago- Peter Davies' 22 Foreigners in Funny Shorts. It is not only informative but very enjoyable. It is a bit dated with references to a fellow named Gazza (England's Paul Gascoigne) but most of it still applies today.
Went to the theater tonight. No not Iron Man II: Electric Bugaloo. Went to the local high school's performance of You Can't Take it with You. It's an old play that is rather quaint. It ain't Shakespeare but it won the Pulitzer Prize.
I've just perused a number of clips from other high school productions of the show. And the home team, Fargo North, did very good. They were hands down the best costumes and the set was very fine.
This play requires a particular pacing and execution which Fargo North did not always hit. Still can't count that against them much, they did an outstanding job. Plaudits should go to actors portraying Penny, Grandpa, and Gay Wellington. Oh and the Duchess did all right too.


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