Marathon Mustaches, return of the mustache: Fargo Marathon 2010

I am hoping you will enjoy the third and final installment of marathon mustaches. I can't believe I've got this much to blog about the marathon this year. It really was memorable and now this Memorial Day weekend seems so lonely without the 20,000+ people around town. I was actually surprised to go downtown and find some businesses were closed for the entire weekend. I guess last weekend made up for it. Well, here come the mustaches.

This one is a little hard to see. But this is indeed a stellar English military mustache. This guy could have been in G.I. Joe (maybe Bazooka.) Plus he ran a very respectable 3:25 marathon. 
I think I wrote about how the ND governor and his wife ran the 5k even though I doubt many of the 5000 ran the entire thing. I was one congested race. Well, not to be undone and former Governor is running under cover going by the name "Gene." I know it is just a cover. But Jesse Ventura indeed ran the marathon. Am I right?

Not sure if the spotting of a horseshoe manchu is an indication that Pete Vuckovich is making a comeback as a runner. But I'd welcome him to the runner's world.


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