22 May 2011

Fargo Marathon 2011: Let the beard do the running

I wonder if Dick Beardsley ever had a beard?
Our first beard tonight includes a bonus wave. This fellow is sporting a very chivalrous beard. I wouldn't be surprised if this fellow is a knight and pondered before the race whether to wear his sword in order to slay a dragon that may find itself onto the course. Although he opted for more "running potions" to carry him through until the end.  Oh and there's a bonus wave.
The next guy sped by I had a hard time identifying the beard. It is a good and fast one.

 This is one I call the full on Ron Gardenhire. It also features a bonus argyle sock. This guy and his beard are enjoying a leisurely run through south Fargo eagerly awaiting a Cuban cigar at the finish.

Burns, a Goatee with stach not connected, no shirt. Enough said. 

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