Fargo Marathon 2011: The 5K I KOed

The rain was intermittent. The crowd was big. A couple were getting married  after the race. This was just some of the things on view at the Fargo Friday Night 5K
I ran in this race- my first in a long time. Did very well too. However the 1st mile and half of the race was nearly wall to wall people. I couldn't work up to my typical gait with the lack of space. Eventually it go spread out at around the 2 mile mark and I kicked in a pretty good pace. The weather was certainly ideal, even if it did rain a bit. My time was 26:44. Not bad. Only 10 minutes after the men's winner Cley Twigg crossed the finish line.
I stuck around a bit after the race but there wasn't much to do in the overcast intermittent rainy outdoors. I did however I did listen to the band they had stationed at the finish line until my friend found me and we left.
Tomorrow, the prediction of rain hangs over the race. Will it be a downpour or will it just drizzle some and then go away?
Well at our outpost on the 21st mile we put up some shelter. I hope the weather won't turn sour.


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