Fargo Marathon 2011: The after buzz

Well it is pretty done and dusted in Fargo now a whole week after all the excitement happened. I have run, biked, or walked most of the southern portion of the marathon route and have found almost all the GU leftovers. The rest of the GU will probalby blow away.

Here's an article about the men's winner- Luke Watson. The writer likes to point it out that he beat a Kenyan. Actually 2 Kenyans if my race media guide is correct.
I was surprised to see that Watson also calls Stillwater MN home. Well he graduated from Stillwater and I believe moved to PA to do doctoral work at Penn State. Another unknown fact was Watson was a friend and roommate of Ryan Shay at Notre Dame- a distance runner who died after suffering what is believed to be a heart attack while running in the US Olympic marathon trials in 2007. Watson also has a brother, Jake, who is a pretty good runner too (he ran a sub-4 mile.)
Watson only appears to have taken on the marathon recently (last 3 years) since a lot of the other races I see he ran were more mid-distance (10K, 3000M, 5000M).

Here's a runner's  report of the marathon.
Another blog with pictures from the Moorhead side of the river.
And yet another marathon recap
And another runner reports his experience
And there are many more. This is incredible. There weren't that many blog entries about the marathon last year.

Of course more Fargo Marathon beard coverage will be coming next week. Have a grand Holiday.


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