Fargo Marathon 2011- the day draws near

Last year the Marathon expanded. No, it didn't add an extra mile or two. It added a 10K and then put the 5K on Friday night. This year's expansion moves the Kid's Race onto the Thursday of race week.
No word if any kids are flying in for this one. And to my knowledge, I have yet to know of a Kenyan youngster who has run in this race. I won't doubt African kids have run in it- just not Kenyans. Besides it is not a competitive event anyway.
I'll be over at Dacotah Field volunteering for the Kids Run. It has its own website- the race not the field.
On the big races, it looks like a competitive field in the half. Since USTAF allowed a half marathon time to qualify for the trials, more potential Olympians have been giving it a go. Dan Greeno is one of them. There should be plenty of athletes hoping to get a trials qualifying time but the nets have been pretty mum.
Camille Herron, however, is running the marathon and hopes to make a PR and break the women's course record. She finished 4th in the Indy Mini-Marathon a few weeks ago. The Indiana native may be the favorite with last year's winner Leah Thorvilson not registered. Chris Erichsen is also onto other races. I think he might be running Grandma's in June.


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