25 May 2011

Fargo Marathon 2011: The beard rides again

We continue our look at the beards of the Fargo Marathon. I have looked closely at each and attempted to identify the style but often it defies style or is just the plain old short boxed beard. Let's take a look at the beards shall we?
Headband, saved head, and a Vandyke. His T-Shirt suggests he should have worn flannel and wielded an ax. Maybe next time.
 Here we double your pleasure with 2 beards. This happened very little during the race. Beards were more scattered and did not congregate . Both of these are the short boxed style. The sunglassed man looks ready to eat the race up at a nonchalant pace.
 Here's a chin curtain with stash and shirtless guy. Plus all are envious of the beards whch propelling the man forward at a new pace.

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