Documenting Cosby Sweaters

Looks like somebody got to it before I did- The Cosby Sweater Project.
The Cosby sweater phenomenon began in the 80s and breached the 90s and now is in fashion folklore.
During the run of the Cosby Show, comedian Bill Cosby had a penchant for wearing nearly awful sweaters. The offbeat and oft bizarre stylistic choices also touched other pieces of wardrobe worn by fellow cast members.
So far the project has just been looking at the early seasons. Cosby's sweater choices during this period are not as bizarre and in fact are just rather ho-hum. I believe it is in the show's final years that Cosby mined the sweater industry for zany sweater designs coupled with modern dance moves as seen in the opening credits.
Below I had a sighting of a Cosby sweater at a company function during the holidays. Not sure what motivated him to sport this one either fashion or irony.


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