18 May 2011

Fargo Marathon 2011- the winding course

So I might not be a weather forecaster, but I still think the weather does look good for a fantastic marathon. Today I took a look at the course again for this year's races.
A video of the marathon course with commentary is up on the Fargo Marathon website.
It is still a winding course. Plenty of turns. (It had been overheard Kenyans don't like all the turns. Even so, there will be a few Kenyans in the race.) Especially in the portion south of downtown. But that is real good neighborhood for running. I checked a few of the turns in that area and they are again marked on the road in white spray paint. The half marathon doesn't have as many turns in proportion to distance yet follows much of the marathon course. The half doesn't go as much into Moorhead or further south than Lindenwood Park in Fargo.
It is claimed there will be bands at every mile. No word yet if that will happen but you never know.
Best places to spectate appear to be the stretch near Mickelson Field, Downtown on Broadway, and Lindenwood Park, Main Ave Bridge, and Island Park near 4th St and 5th Ave corner. Watchers on the east side of the Red River can probably get a good view on 12th Ave S near Concordia College. Be forewarned getting to some of those spots by automobile once the race has begun may prove difficult. Auto friendly places look to be Downtown and Mickelson Field and possibly Concordia College. Other places will be tight on parking or just hard to get to. Be prepared to be healthy and walk a few blocks.
I'll be near the 21st Mile Outpost (half marathon mile 9) ringing the bells and looking for marathon mustaches.  Hope to see you go by.

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