Fargo Marathon 2011 - the weather improves

Last week reminded us how late spring is in coming to the Dakotas. I was in the garden on Saturday and I thought I felt something like snow hit my face. But, then Saturday evening arrives and spring awakens again. And just in time for a great Fargo Marathon.
Weather forecast thus far this week suggest low 70s. I guess it might be around mid-40s or 50s at race start this Saturday. I think we are in the making for a great Fargo Marathon.
Research thus far does not show me any notable elite runners coming. However, they might just be hiding.

Here's the rundown of bloggers I found going to run the marathon:

So plenty of ordinary people hoping to do something extraordinary.
The Forum will probably drop the big names who might be here later this week. I think they did a story on a guy with local ties running the half who is really good.

Oh and one more thing, I'll embed this video I made back in 2009 about a guy named Cris Estes who ran the Fargo Marathon route 3 times in one day!

This of course is comedy and fiction. Cris Estes is just a character I created. Although I was watching the internets last year and the video was linked to numerous times.


Eric said…
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Eric said…
I haven't heard of any elites on the men's side, but there is a very good runner entered in the women's field, Camille Herron from Lafayette, IN. She has run 2:38, as well as a number of recent races in the low-2:40s. The women's course record could be under threat, as she has said she'll be looking to PR.

Also, look for local women to earn top placings with times in the sub-3 hour range, such as Heidi Evans (Track All-American at UND and Div.II National Champion at 1500m), and Gina Algaard-Kelly, 2010 Fargo Marathon runner-up.

I'll be streaming the women's full marathon live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gf-live and contributing to the Forum's live blog of the race (unofficially).
jt00ct said…
Thanks for the blog link! This will be my 4th marathon, I ran Fargo last year. The Fargo Marathon is a first class event all the way in a beautiful city!
Anonymous said…
Hi, unfortunately it now looks like the weather may be awful. There is a 90% chance of rain on Saturday. Boy, we just cannot win with the weather the last three years. It was not too bad last year, rained for about the first hour of the race. The year before, when the race was held in early May, it was very cold.

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