Fargo Marathon 2011- kids rock too

I volunteered at the kids' race. Quite a few volunteers for this event but it was an easy gig. Even got to check out the new turf on Dacotah Field. It seems so real.
Kids got to run a half mile or a mile. They all received a finishers' medal and water (some even got the water from me.) Looked like about 2000 kids took part. It actually went very smoothly.
Apparently the red headed kid in the photo had some kind of importance because he was swarmed by the single camera and reporter. No clue who it is or what the story is. Need to research that.
I also ran into the RD- he ran with some youngsters and claimed he was not famous when I mentioned there was someone famous here. I guess he might be a humble fellow. It takes more than 1 guy to make this marathon rock.
Afterward I strolled through the expo and bought the bell. For now my MFG will be using in tomorrow when I pursue glory in the Friday Night 5K. Also I do some more volunteering tomorrow. Until later.


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