Fargo Marathon 2011- rain rocks, right?

Well, gentle spring rains descended upon Fargo around 3PM as I returned home from my shift volunteering at packet pickup. The rain has slightly diminished but is making me rethink my 5k wardrobe. 90 percent chance to rain tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't have a chance. I rained a little last year.
Packet pick up was rather light this morning. I got placed on the relay table so it was extra light. Things went smooth and then I ended the shift and ate lunch. Across the table from me in the hospitality area was a former Fargo area teacher and a Air Force Ranger (a rarity.) 
I walked around the Expo for a while and gather up some goodies from Swanson, who were giving away more than usual this year. I also bought a new headband thingie.
On my way home I stopped at Boys Ranch and picked up a Village People hits CD for 3 quarters. Could it be inspirational?
And now onto the photos for the afternoon.

Below is speaker Matt Long. He is a NY firefighter and a hulk. He wrote a book. Here's just a partial bio, he is quite the athlete:
Matt Long has been a competitive athlete his entire life. As a member of his high school basketball team, he was required to run in the Brooklyn/Queens X-country Championships. With no prior running experience, he finished fifth for his school, completing the race in uncomfortable high top sneakers. At Iona College, he competed in their Division I basketball program for which a high level of fitness was mandatory.

 The medals sit unmolested by human hands but many were glancing at them and photographing them.
 The infamous woodchipper from the movie "Fargo" suggests visitors should stop by the F-M visitors' center.
 Here again in our marathon MC never missing a chance to give a runner a piece of coaching. I also noticed Coach GP wore an earing. Seemed a little like Captain Jack Sparrow to me.


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