Walaker will keep promise

Dixie Beer is good for youIt's not that often you get a free beer. (Err, well for me it was sort of recent see this post)
During the tramautic days of the impending giant crest, Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker spoke off handedly after making some statement about fighting the flood that he would buy the beer. Was I the only one who was listening? Even our resident beer conisseur, Phil, make no comment about that.
Well, Walaker has come through on his promise thanks to the Dixie Brewing Company of New Orleans. Dixie faced its own flood in 2005 during the Katrina incident. Unfortunately the brewery was looted and has ceased brewing in New Orleans. You can read the rest on Wiki.

Dixie is donating the beer -which is brewed elsewhere now.

So for those of you anxious enough to go out- downtown Fargo is hosting a post flood celebration at the US Bank Plaza from 5 to 11 tonight (which is May 7.)


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