Mind over Miles : Will over Water Party

The Fargo Marathon festivities concluded with a big community shindig in the Dome with free food and the Johnny Holm Band and 32 Below. My roommate and I went to check things out.
The food was simple- a sandwich, chips, an ice cream treat and some soda. But who can argue with free. During the flood there was some pretty impressive food options but we're of the Midwest- this will do. I am not complaining.
I didn't realize Johnny Holm was still playing but he is and serenaded us with some countrified rock.
As show time neared for the play we were to attend, then the story gets interesting.
We are on our way out of Fargo Dome. I ascend the stairs and who do I see coming done the stairs. No other than Mayor Dennis Walaker! I say his name and he gives me wave. My roommate can't vouch for this because he was not paying attention. The Mayor waved at me and no I did not mix him up with Dallas the mechanic. It made my evening.


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