Remembering SNOBOL

I was reminiscing with a friend of mine the other day and the discussion came to programming languages. We named quite a few. I then asked him to guess my favorite language. He took lots of guesses until I finally stopped him and said SNOBOL. It is also known as SNOBOL4 but my texts seemed to drop the 4 when talking about String Oriented Symbolic Language. I think I wrote a paper on it or gave presentation.
Although it is probably thought to be a dead language since the arrival of perl and the JAVA interations (Griswald, one of SNoBols the creators died in 2006), you can still find there is interest in it. Like here. Although Viktors earthlink website which holds the manual has been down for half the decade. Ah hah- but I struck gold and found the original by Griswald himself ( or something akin to it) here.
Oh the days of programming long past!


sullenfish said…
There were SNOBOL books crammed into the bookshelf above my childhood bed. My dad acquired them at some point, presumably when he worked for Control Data, long before I was born.

Personally, I was always a fan of REXX, particularly ARexx on the Amiga. It's probably been over a decade since I looked at any REXX code, though.

These days, I'm really into JavaScript. Definitely a case where I smugly thought I was proficient and knowledgeable, only to have reality slowly creep in and prove otherwise.

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