09 May 2009

A musical mystery tonight

Fargo North High School produced The Mystery of Edwin Drood of which one performance I attended with my roommate. It is a rather peculiar show as it seems to blend interactive with show within a show style. It is definitely an ensemble piece. There are no big parts although a few do stick out as important (yes Edwin Drood is a character.)
As like our previous theatrical outing, I took a staged photo with one of the actors. No flask photography was allowed until after the show. As you can see at left my roommate refuses to entertain swig from the flask. I think he's a Nazarene.

There was one photo op we just could not get because the actor kept entertaining the lady folk. This actor had particularly long sideburns plastered on. I wanted him to compare them to my roommate's natural ones. Instead I submit a side by side analysis without the hammy actor. (Yes the other guy above has long sideburns too, but he was the flask man.)

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