Fargo Marathon Preview

2 days until the running of the 5th Fargo Marathon and it again surpasses last years numbers. It is estimated around 14000 runners will be involved in one of the races this weekend. That's a major race folks. And the odd thing is that this race really doesn't "pay out." What I mean is there is not much monetary rewards to be taken here. Other rewards are plentiful.
It looks like Fargo again has attracted a cadre of Kenyans with superb times to enter the marathon. And these are fast ones. Their best times smash the Fargo course record by nearly 15 minutes. Last year's champion Eric Sondag will have his work cut out to defend the title. His strategic victory last year was close to legendary. However, it appears that Eric may be running the half. Could he grab a course record for the half, too?
This year there will be a few runners who will be competing in Iraq. It found it on Steve Wagner's blog.
Due to the spring flood the course has been altered to a loop. 2 loops is the complete marathon. A few marathons have similar course setups- Amsterdam I think has it. The talk around town has been it will be a faster race this year becauase of it. Less turns is one reason touted.
My race coverage begins tonight as I head to Fargo Dome to volunteer. Tomorrow I do the same. On race day I'll be watching the packs come by on their first pass and then volunteer more later. Hopefully I'll have stuff up in a timely manner.


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