48 Hour Film Festival 2009 in the 'Go

Once again Testudo entered the 48 Hour Film Festival this year. In nutshell its sort of a contest with teams and you draw a genre of film and you need to make a 6 minute film all within the confines of 48 hours. We did well last year so we decided to give a go again.
Our Genre- Holiday.
Our writers had a script out by 9:30PM on Friday and we were filming at 7 AM the next day at the Zoo.
My contribution- actor. Yep, I'll be in front of camera with lines this year. And no Elvis costume.
I won't say much about it since I have not clue what it looks like. However, it contains drama, comedy, and an ounce or two of sci-fi. Guess I'll take the chicken shirt on that.
We finished principal shooting at 6:30 PM.

News had also spread that this may be the last time it will be held in town. We need sponsorship to sustain it and a few more teams. I guess you can't blame the organizers- we are sort of an out of the way burg. Yet, the thought of trying to do Minneapolis in the future seems plausible. The Twin Town's version is sort of a monster with nearly 80 teams and 5 showings of the films across 1 week. To sustain this type of film making in town I would suggest going Kino- a bit mysterious but with solid footing.


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