National Day of Prayer 2009

I made The Outsourced Prayer Network last spring in response to the lack of consistency in prayer gathering at the church I attend. It is purely satire. Nothing is true- it just seems true. After watching it again I am reminded of Jesus's words to his disciples in the garden "could you not tarry with me one hour?" Bill Hybels' book - Too Busy Not to Pray -- also comes to mind.

National Day of Prayer seems a bit like Christmas- that this is the one time each year we think about prayer. I doubt it was ever intended to be like that nor do I think even rivals getting people inside a church building like Easter and Christmas do. But then again who bothers with original intent. One can create context and voila, there's your day to give it a post-modern spin. I am of the opinion that such a proclamation as made by government asking for prayer recognizes that it's not our efforts by which we overcome- but only by the hand of The Almighty.
So pray for the United States- that our leaders and citizens would act justly and walk humbly, that greed and selfishness would not blind us to very good are hands have been made, that decisions in congress and the courts would be made that will benefit all.

I don't find it odd President Obama has not made any public expressions of prayer. Am I disappointed? Nah. Now in office he appears to be more private concerning religious matters. He leans toward an intellectual manner towards faith which usually doesn't make these religous expressions outward or in public. I could be wrong but the faith of Obama is rather subtle as contrasted to B. Clinton and G. W. Bush.

After reading a CNN article on the Presidents position, I have come to wonder why he wasn't more diplomatic. Mr. Obama will however sign a proclamation as have his predecessors. Traditional opponents of the separation of government and religion have cheered the decision.
So what? Does the decision hinder the prayers made this day for our nation? By no means.
However, the bloggers and other media are spinning this into a dust storm.

For those who will be praying- the Presidential Prayer Team doesn't take the decision into consideration. They enumerate plenty of things to pray for our President, Congress, and the Nation. Shall we pray?



Anonymous said…
Royce, you are a genius. Thanks for the reminder. All I can see now is the tormented faces of two Eric's and Moriah the Kenyan orphan reading my prayer requests.

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