The art of the bargain 3

I was on my way to far south Fargo- the one that was in grave danger a few months ago- when my rear bike derailleur decided to destroy itself. This stranded me many blocks from home with a someplace to be soon. I used my two walking feet and in about 2 hours arrived home and switched to another bike. Before I reached home I picked up a few bargains along the way: Travel Boggle Game, Wireless Headphone, a Bartender's Jigger. Total cost $1.75. I guess I am a sucker for wireless headphones- I did not realize it required 4 batteries. The boggle game was sweet and I've been looking for a jigger for a while. I think I'm hoping to move toward mixology.
The garage sale season has begun in earnest around these parts. And soon spring clean up week will be upon the area too. Hope I can find some spare bike parts to repair my ride. For now I will ride the M200 or the C200.


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