A video and a record

Above we've got this famous Monty Python dead parrot sketch done by scammers who have been scammed themselves to do the sketch. It is a result of a scambaiter sting from a number of years ago and made a little famous by the NPR program This American Life. Which by the way you don't need to donate to but I'm sure it would be appreciated since Ira Glass and his gang would love to continue doing some great  and ambitious radio documentaries. Last year's New York rest stop one was really very good and their forays into economics have proven informative.
And now for the record. A record I apparently one but never realized it. It is a very poor record by all accounts but I made when I ran the 3200m in the Prairie Rose State Games a number of years ago. 16:15.28 is NOT a record I am of which I hold much pride. I am much prouder of my 3:57:33 marathon record. Apparently not many men aged 24-29 have run the 3200m. I think I was the only one. Ever. I remember that I did not really train too much for that race. I think I also ran the 400m and 100m but I am not sure. So I am not Steve Prefontaine. I might do better now but the record for my age group now is around 12 minutes. I'd have to work pretty hard to get into 6 minute mile shape.
And speaking of running. After the Fargo Marathon I have not seen many runners out. I don't run late anymore but I it seems training is on hiatus for quite a few. But perhaps my routes are a bit odd.
And the friendliness is gone too. I've been heckled running on Main and catcalled up University. And folks I am not running in the street. I am on the sidewalk!


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