Out to be amongst the cars

It's Back to the 50s weekend and the Green Hornet will be at the car show along with numerous other family members. But before I blow through this post let me post something in honor of John Wesley who just had a birthday. It's a goofy song.

Our next post is rather old. You may have seen it before but in talking with others I know nobody seems to remember if they had. This one is dedicated to David.

With that I bid you all adieu for the weekend. Stop by the Green Hornet if you are at the show. We're usually near the grandstand. But that changes depending on how early we get to the grounds. Car show coverage later next week.


Cindy said…
I think you and Robin Mark should become best friends. To say you are kindred spirits is a vast understatement. And now you should write a song about David and squirrels.

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