A galaxy far away- World Cup 2010

Adidas released this long commercial featuring amongst others Daft Punk, Snoop Dog, and David Beckham. There may be others in this advert for the World Cup but I am unsure who they all are. I think I saw Noel Gallagher. The commercial blends these notables into the cantina scene from Star Wars (the one that came out in 1977). It's good for a grin or two.

World Cup kicks off this Friday with game 1 Mexico versus hosts South Africa. I suspect it will be a lively affair. At every World Cup the host nation has made it out of the group stages. However, this time around it appears that some pundits are predicting this won't be the case. However, the unknown elements of these tournaments bestow special favor upon hosts. I am hoping the match will be free flowing and the South Africans will surprise Mexico by coming up with a draw.
The big game for the Yanks on the weekend sees them play a star studded but a bit staggering England side. The English always seem to get plenty of attention but have failed to produce the goods in the last four tournaments. The British press seems enamored with criticizing the team to some degree even when they win. David Beckham will not be taking part in this squad. He's injuried and thus was not even considered. But for publicity's sake he may make an appear as a VIP. I doubt he'll be playing in 4 years time for the next tournament.
The US may be up against a formidible opponent. I think the US will be fortunate to get a draw even if the English are a little inconsistent and wobbily.


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