01 June 2010

Thanks Remer and an Ipod

The first order of business before I begin detailing my most recent camping adventure is to thank Remer. The depot wayside was ideal for making dinner and it had clean bathrooms and even a free box from which I scavenged a set of train postcards. It is a quaint stop on the way back from Grand Rapids.
I'll probably write about the camping adventure later but will give you a little preview. I was back in the Chip- The Chippewa National Forest. It was a good trip which primarily featured  hiking. I needed to break in my new pair of boots so I left many footprints.
In other news, I joined the Ipod world today. I got an authentic Ipod Nano. And it was broke!
But I knew that. That's why I purchased it. It was only like $17 shipping included. It needed a new LCD and felt that repair was feasible. The LCD only cost me $6 or so. I had done repairs on PDAs so I felt this would be as simple as the many videos on YouTube made it out to be.
Well, it wasn't. The hardest part that took many hours was removing the case. Even with special tools this was close to impossible. I ended up somewhat breaking the back panel in trying. It's not too bad. The silicon cover for the Ipod makes up for the back panel not wanting to stay on all the way. But the repair worked and now I am an Ipod repair man of sorts.

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Cindy said...

I had been looking forward to learning how the ipod came out. Way to go. If mine breaks I'll call you. I will try to avoid bemoaning the fact that I paid full price for mine. Oy.