Signs of Beer 4: Uffda

This edition of Beer Signs actually finds us looking at a bottle from Wisconsin. New Glarus to be exact. I spotted this bottle in North Central Minnesota at a Goodwill. Not sure why Goodwill has it. Not particularly collectible although the name is cute.
The New Glarus Brewing Company is a regional micro-brewer which produces about a half dozen styles of beer year round plus numerous seasonal and surprise brews which appear from time to time. What we see here is Uff-da, a bock style that was produced in winter according to the brewery website. The website also describes the other styles which are brewed. Apparently the New Glarus brews do not cross borders and can only be found in Wisconsin. So if you find it elsewhere, it probably was smuggled.
Our beer correspondent, Phil, would probably want me to smuggle some to Dakota when I go back home to areas near the Wisconsin border.


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