Back to the 50s: Green Cars

It has nearly been a week but here's the post you've been waiting for about Back to the Fifties.
This year my immediate family and the 51 Pontiac was joined by my MFG (mostly Finnish girlfriend). It was a pleasant time. There was plenty of opportunities to cat nap in between walking around the grounds. My brother in law made some delicious food. A record number of pre-1964 cars were on hand (most of them Chevys.) In this post we will see a few green colored cars . Why green? I thought it would be unique. However, I discovered it was far from uncommon. Orange would have been a better choice.
Nonetheless, here they are:

This last one is what I call a forest service green. The forest service has a considerable number of vehicle of  this particular shade of green.


Andisolar said…
Das sind gute Autos.

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