Ugly Online Ads: The female newscaster

There have been plenty of female talking heads on the news for years. Barbara Walters was the first on network TV in 1976. I'm sure there are more from local stations. With the advent of cable it opened the doors wider for women presenting the news. With that, we have a slew of "ugly" ads which draw upon our desire see beautiful women tell us what we need to know. The ads are not  ugly by our standards but it does beg the question how far this lady would stoop to hawk us the 'wares. She literally shills for about 5 different things. And because she is in the position of news presenter, she has automatic cred in our minds. Let's see her in action.

Breaking news! Acai Berry diet exposed! It is so shocking! She shilled quite a bit for the Acai berry folks in the beginning. I sure many were surprised by her shocking finding: you can buy acai berry online!

Her next assignment: report on money. This photo appears in ads selling low rate mortages to work at home money schemes. She filed this report right after the acai berry assignment. Not as shocking.

Then the iPAD craze hit. She switched wardrobe, added some bangs, and got a tan with the money she made from previous ads. 
It should seem too good to be true. And in fact it is a bit. The "report" is a bit misleading because it is for an auction site. I doubt you could ever get the Ipad for under $25 since this ad would increase demand and thereby inflate the price of iPads on the site. Why this is considered a consumer alert beats me.
It would be an alert if she had said "Obama wants every American to have an iPad." No comment from the McCain or Clinton camps.

More iPads, new dress, no bangs. I think she is going for the Christi Paul / Robin Meade look.

This lady is just a pretender. Looks like some high school TV station presenter. Clearly a wannabe in this realm of online advertisements: the news authority has got a revelation.


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