Still in a flood

Albeit a bit less severe, in this town it's still called a flood. The second crest forecast of last which appeared to suggest utter doom for the region was not as high as anticipated. The weather service put out an original 2nd crest at 41' or above. Mayor Dennis Walaker wasn't buying it. By his theory the 2nd crest should be around 38'. Today the crest forecast is at 35'. Dikes and sandbags are holding. A helicopter appears to be flying around the city twice daily.
Outside of the Go, there is plenty more flooding happening. A few days ago Valley City, 60 miles west of here, was partially evacuated as the Sheyenne River reached a historic crest. Lisbon was also affected by the Sheyenne's growing girth. Then up in the northern tier of the state the Magic City, Minot, has a little bit of flooding. Winnipeg has declared a flood emergency. And still blame is placed on climate change although history and geography have much more to do with these events.
Although the Newboys canceled their gig here, the circus and the IIHF World Championship (that's hockey folks). Even the Fargo Marathon annouced there will still be a race. Word is going around that the course will be altered and it might be a 2 loop for the complete marathon. Newsboys still haven't put in a definite return date. So now we have the ironically named Floodmap come to town this weekend instead. Odd.


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