Journey to the Eden's Prairie

I decided to head out early this morning for the Twin Towns rather than do an odd overnight adventure in Birch Lakes State Forest. The decision was mostly because I could not locate a Zune cable. I wasted tons of time looking for it rather than packing. However I went to bed prepared to leave near the strike of 6AM. Well, I left around 6:20AM instead.
Finally made to Albertville Outlets with time to spare. It was a pretty ho hum experience. Adidas has nothing and so did Nike. However, I discovered the Crocs store and man the prices were dropping. You could get the real deal Crocs of numerous styles for less than a saw buck.
From there I went to Maple Grove and then finally onto the hotel I am currently staying in for the conference I am attending. 2 chaps from Northern Ireland are the speakers. You might of heard of one- U2 has- Robin Mark.
Robin played and Paul Reed spoke tonight (he's the other chap.) One point from Paul's message was that corporately the church needs to worship as opposed to a individual worshipping with a group of people.
Saw John McK the guy who taught me bass. He's looking slick. Looks kind of like David Crowder if Crowder had dark red hair.


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