Passover to be celebrated at the executive mansion

This morning I was surprised to hear that President Barack Obama would be holding a seder at the White House. This is certainly a first and especially unique considering Obama is neither Jewish and had just returned from a trip which included an olive branch to Muslims. It appears inclusivity continues to be an administration value.
I needed to search for validation of the White House seder tonight because HLN reported pizza would be served at tonight. That would be a no-no unless it was some matzo crust cheese pizza. In Kosher cooking dairy and meat do not mingle and during the solemn holiday yeast (or leavening agents) need to be removed from everything. Therefore no bread, at least as most stateside citizens know it, can be served. Well folks, pizza night for the Obamas will be Friday and therfore does not conflict with the seder.
In finding a reference for the seder I discovered this. Israel beckons to US youth.


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