Fargo Mash-up- Flood and Marathon

Waters are diminishing in the Red River Valley although Sheyenne River valleyflood watching is still on alert (and perhaps James and Maple River valleys too). The National Guard and other Federal agencies had taken the front lines following the big crests. Flood clean up has begun in earnest here in the past week. Spring clean up has been postponed until June.
Upcoming celebrations for volunteers here in the 'Go include a May 17th Red Hawks game and a downtown celebration that same day. At the conclusion of the Fargo Marathon (May 9th) there will be a post flood celebration organized by Mind Over Miles - Will Over Water. 32 Below and Johnny Holm will be doing a free concert and there will be free food too! I might be able to go to a bit of it although I am due to see Mystery of Edwin Drood at the high school a few blocks away from the dome.
As always, all autograph requests should be directed to my agent.


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