A recommendation not taken

News broke today (on my watch for that matter) that Fargo resisted the FEMA recommendation to evacuate the entire city. And that was just what it was- a recommendation. Fargo ultimately made the right decision as the dikes held and a projected 43' crest was not realized. A small army of tiredless volunteers may also have made the difference. Fargo and Moorhead continue to watch the dikes diligently. Most of the community went back to work on Wednesday as the Nation Guard and various other organizations kept watch.

Thankfully, schools will resume Monday. Students will return to their normal routines and hopefully so will my roommate who seemed to be glued to the computer the whole time.

The occasional blog correspondent from Moorhead, Phil, is doing well. As I referred to in previous posts, he diked his entire property. It held but Phil seemed at bit upset with the sand situation in Moorhead leading up to the big crest. Apparently as waters began to rise dangerously there was hardly any sand to be had on the east bank of the Red River. Eventually Phil had to go directly to the source- aggregate quarry since no Moorhead sandbag sites had available sandbags to residents. I think Phil described it as a fiasco. No news on whether his beer cache was spared. I assume that Phil could have resisted a FEMA recommendation to drink all the beer and leave town.


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