Could the NBA be looking at Woodside?

Ben Woodside will be plying his sporting skills this weekend out East front of NBA scouts.
Here's who else is there in Portsmouth, VA.
I suppose most who are watching these pre-draft talent smorgasbords would wonder why the NBA would even consider a point guard who is 5'11'' especially when there is a load of bigger ones from the big schools. To me the NBA is big and fast. I can't recall many teams that focus on skill.
Again, just like the NCAA tournament berth for NDSU, the odds are stacked against him. However, it can't hurt trying. It appears to me that he has the drive and motivation to make it. Scottie Pippen, Ben Wallace, Terry Porter, Sidnet Lowe all played in this tournament and found their way to the NBA.
I think the future is bright for Woodside whatever happens.
On the flip side, Woodside's cohort, Brett Winkelman, is probably studying and applying for jobs. Maybe he's even thinking of Grad School or a summer trip to Europe. But that's my speculation. He might be competing in a super secret underground 1 on 1 basketball league.


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