From March Madness to Flood Madness

The Bison gave us a great show on Friday. It was an exciting game until the finish (except that CBS flipped the coverage about a minute before the game officially ended). Despite losing to the defending champs here are some of my highlights.

  • Ben Woodside put in 37 points. If he wouldn't have missed a few free throws he'd be at 40 but he kept apace of Sherron Collins. I believe he has the most single game points for this tournament. Quite a finale for the point guard.

  • Brett Winkelman captures a double double. A fine curtain call to a subperb season.

  • Cole Aldrich- a simply unstoppable hulk. Moorman fouled out trying to contain the 6'11'' Kansas center. There was just no answer from the Bison for this future NBA player. Aldrich really made the difference.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The Bison showed a national audience that their program is willing to do what it takes to go head to head with the big guns of division I. Altough it ended with a loss, it was an incredible game. The Bison kept it within in striking distance.

Much like when they returned to Fargo after the Summit League tournament, the Bison found themselves in the midst of natural disaster- flooding. Over the weekend the Red River began to overtake its boundaries. Volunteers were assemblied. College and Universities canceled classes. Fargo and Moorhead were in for a big early flood. Sandbags are still being filled and road are being shut down - including parts of I-29 and I-94. Temporary dikes are being assembled as it looks like this one will approach the 1997 level- the supposed 100 year flood level.

These 2 people who live along the river responded surprisingly. They expressed their desires to lick the flood and give a swift kick out of town. The boldness of these individuals is not shared universally. I am under the impression this guy has some Army surplus supplies that will fend off flood waters and keep his beer cold or he was being sarcastic in order to get published in this blog.


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