26 March 2009

The fight against the flood

Fargo flood fighters of all shapes, ages, and races were in force last evening. However college aged certainly outnumbered most at the central sandbagging centre. I volunteered from 8 to almost mid night on the sandbag production line.

The night started at the Fargo Dome where I need to sign a volunteer waiver. Afterward I waited for a few minutes and then bordered a city bus which took a stand room only crowd to an undisclosed location (public works garage) to bag sand. I then followed a person in a vest into the facility and was placed near a sand spout on the "spider." I thought I snapped a picture but I didn't. The apparatus directs the incoming sand to 12 spouts where there is usually a team of 3-4. One puts the bag on then when full passes it onto another who will fasten it. Yet another will put the next bag on. There were 3 "spiders" in operation last night in addition to numerous shovelers, lifters, and stackers. The Red Cross was on hand with food. I missed out on the hot wings.
Many National Guard members were also helping.
It was pretty busy throughout my time there. In fact I think they eventually had to put more people on hand shoveling duty just before I left.
Kudos should go out to those who are co-ordinating the volunteer efforts. It is an herculean feat.
Stay strong and keep praying and keep working!

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