28 March 2009

Bison basketball go from dance to flood

Finally tracked down an article which took the angle I was expecting to be mined earlier this week- Bison Men's Basketball go from the tournament to the front lines of defending Fargo from the Red River. I spotted it on MSN today after a long sleep but it had been up since Wednesday. The article is here. For you Bret Winkelman fans there is even a quote from him.
Compared to Kansas, the Red is a more formiable opponent- often unpredictiable and vastly larger than Cole Aldrich. The Bison men had their hands full...of sandbags. However, 2 different keys lead to the sustainment of Red's rise- bone chilling temperatures and a vastly larger bench. Right now it appears the Red has crested- 40.82. Now defense will be the key to keep the Red in check.

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