Flood omen?

Yes the flood was forecasted pretty well in advance. The severity usually can be judged until the water begins its rise. The Go is awaiting a 41 foot crest this weekend.
Rewind about a month and a half ago. The Mayor was in DC testifying concerning preparedness for a major flood in the region. He noted other cities in the Valley have received the aid to build adequate dikes (i.e. Grand Forks has one at around 61 feet I think.) since that last big one in 1997. I believe he was quoted as saying "It's our turn." Now the Go is up against a record swell.
Coincidence? I'm just grasping at straws but certainly this should get DC's attention especially since its on the heels of NDSU's first NCAA appearance. I had to add that :)
The dike in GO is something like 40 feet, having been raised a few feet in the last decade. Temporary dikes have been assembled when needed but with a 41 foot crest coming it is going to be taxing. The good part is the volunteers have come out. The challenge now- half million sand bags by Saturday morn. I'm about to help in this effort. More later.


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