12 November 2008

A letter that stirs up a lot of emotions

Looks like Dobson's political arm dropped a whole arsenal out just before the election with this letter from the future. I read through it and it definitely arouses your emotions. I surmise the evilest word to Dobson's organization is liberal. It is a rather imaginative perspective and I would almost classify it at Dobson's worst-case scenarios. I guess we could crucify the Focus on the Family Guy for such a document but he's got every right to say these things.
Here's sort of a rebuttal from Neue.
The rebuttal doesn't really contend with one of Dobson's main reasons the things detailed in the letter happen- Supreme Court. In fact I am a bit disappointed that it failed to address it. I agree Jesus definitely overcame through love. Yet there are some episodes I wonder about like the clearing of the temple or the woes to the Pharisees. The responses to the arcticle round out the discussion.
So now that Obama has been elected- what now? Are those who do not support him to resort to civil disobedience and rebellion?
Then again, the future has not been written for our eyes yet.

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