The O-Files

To some people Fred O. is a fugitive. Happily hiding away while ranting and raving about life as we know and occasionally publishing an underground comic titled "Mis-adventures of a happy moose." To more people, Fred is pure genius, a fatal attraction, a person larger than life itself, the foremost quasi-progressive thinker, a sullen humorist. Today the search continues. Contact the Roye Files if you ever see him.

Fred's profile:
Fred is a tall thinner male in his thirties with lightly dark hair. He is armed with a sardonic whit, clever disguises, and Kentucky Nip. He is the creator of Happy Moose comics. He also appears in various theatrical productions under the pseudonymn Leon Arba. His current whereabouts are unusually unknown. He is known to frequent lodgings above floral shops. An ex-UNIX kingpin known to enter the fray of post JAVA architectures and partly cloudy computing.

Fred has also appeared in a few moving pictures -
Doomed to Consume - an independently made Zombie flic. He appears as a soldier. Oh and a cast member of Intramural Glory also appears in this film. Crazy connection.
Absence of Grey - a dramatic video of some sort. Can't find any evidence however.
Meat Treat - another horror film. Maybe connected to 48 HR Film Project. He's there in the background in a costume somewhere. Another cunning way to avoid being found while indulging in thespian activities. 

Fred on the move

Quotes generally attributed to Fred:
The last thing I want to happen to me is having a bee sting me and then I go unconscious and some weird guys take me away and put me in a blob.

My tonsils are currently under house arrest. They will be released only to authorized personnel
I know only what the Unix man pages tell me.

Happy Moose is not dead, he's only sleeping.

Fred sightings:
Fred attends Soy Bean gathering
Our agents' most recent sighting of Fred was in late summer 2011 at an alleged Soy Bean convention in St. Paul, MN. In this photo our agents presumed Fred was portraying a member of a local Grunge band- The Kentucky Nips. Notice the longer hair and the plaid unbuttoned shirt and ambivalent look. Fred continues to be master of disguise and behavior.  

Fred poses as scoutmaster.

In Oriskay, NY, Fred became a scoutmaster for a week while visiting the Catskills. Agents have confirmed that scoutmaster Fred lead troop 756 for a little over a month. His escapades with the scouts included presiding over the traditional pine wood derby, hiking through Finger Lakes National Forest, and directing the annual one act play. This year's play was entitled "Jack or the Submission."

Disguised as Canoer

A feature in the Bordentown (N.J.) Gazette, included an interview with Fred. The interview claims Fred to be 72 years old and an avid canoer. In studying a picture that accompanied the article, our agents deduced that Fred was using a clever disguise to fool the reporter. An unnamed source said Fred was preparing for a role in the play On Golden Pond when the reporter approached him. Fred played along with the act making claims he commuted to New York via canoe for thirty years. Now that's a lot of portages.

Fred chilling on old couch

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