All Hallows Get Even

Hallow's Eve came and went without much fanfare. Well actually I could mention the weather, which finally was not near freezing. The temperatures approached the upper 60s and made masquerading out of doors more pleasant than previous years. I recall once during my childhood that a snowstorm dumped tons of snow and school was canceled. I think that 3 weeks later most of the snow disappeared.
Again I attend my company's costume party the previous evening. There were some real excellent costumes. Someone had literally transformed herself into Flavor Flav from Public Enemy. The resemblance was uncanny. The Captain, Tasha, and I went as the Blue Man Group. As the night wore on, we became less and less blue. Tasha took her make up off after almost 2 hours. Next year we'll do something without the make-up.
On the 31st I decided to do a little biking early in the night. I didn't see too many people out. Probably no more than 20. I went back home, ate dinner, then walked downtown. The place was crawling with masqueraders. Everthing from monsters on stilts to Where's Waldo to centaurs and mullet men. I even saw Obama come out of the Sports Bar. The trend for women seems to be less and less clothing. I saw a few women with not much more than underwear on.
My favorite of the night was the old timey weight lifters. It brought back memories of a Jesse Carey story on the Relevant Podcast. Too bad the picture did not turn out. They cracked me up when they passed me on Broadway.
Speaking of Broadway, it was the place to be. The sidewalks were strewn with costumed revelers. Most were outside the bars. It made for a good night of people watching. I spied no aquaintences that evening. I suspect most don't frequent downtown. I did however see Tasha as I was leaving about mid-night. She didn't see me and my picture of her back did not turn out. Too bad for me.
Well, tomorrow I'll seek out costume bargains.


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