The Angry Minnesotans

A eulogy for a band from long ago- the 90s
The Angry Minnesota (AMs) were a rock trio out of Morris, MN who were active between 1997 and 1998. The group was made up of Cory on bass, Bill on guitar and harmonica, and Jason (aka Korn) on drums. They hypothesized that their genre of music be called Radio-active- although it was mostly alternative mixed in with covers from R.E.M., The Velvet Underground, and Semisonic. They may have also covered Polara. The AMs played a few gigs in Morris but eschewed the annual KUMM-FM Battle of the Bands. Their most notable gig was in spring 1997 at the then Karl's Coffee in the downtown of Morris.It was notable for the group sing along to the chorus of "We Are the World." The AMs also played Spooner Veranda and The Mall.

The band played Spooner Hall in Spring 1997

The AMs played a mix of covers and original tunes. Some bands they covered included the Velvet Underground, R.E.M., Semisonic, and Polara.
In December of 1997 they popped up at a St. Thomas University battle of bands in St. Paul.
New songs were written in early 1998 and probably recorded.
Few rare recordings of the AMs are known to exist on audio tape and there is speculation of a VHS recording of part the Karl's Coffee gig.
By Fall of 1998 the trio ran out of steam and officially disbanded for other projects.
AMs original songs:
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • You're So Square
  • No Way Out
  • The Dude Had No Clothes On
  • Disco Is (Stayin Alive)
  • American Radio System Corp
  • National Hi / National Lo
  • Karl's Coffee in Morris, MN
  • Jane Paul
The building that housed Karl's is still around. It is now another coffee establishment- The Common Cup. The original stage that saw the likes of Low, Suspect Bill, Accident Clearinghouse, 3 Minute Hero, and the Booty Police perform on it was enlarged considerably. And they also added a fireplace for good measure.

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