Happy Birthday Billy!

Not much else to say but birthday salutations to a remarkable man. I suspect, however, he would rather be remembered at one who obeyed God and faithfully communicated the message of the cross to millions.
I never had the opportunity to see him live although he was in the Twin Towns for a crusade in the 90s while I lived in the neighborhood. I read a biography and the autobiography 10 years ago. I remember giving Just as I am as a wedding gift to somebody back then as well. I supported the BGEA for a few years and listened to their radio magazine program Decision Today. It is no longer produced.
What inspired me about him is that he has been able to bridge the partisan gap. In is autobiography and other places Graham has stated he is a Democrat. He is respected by those from both sides of aisle while not endorsing any political candidates. I guess that shows the Gospel supercedes the political divides- although I think it has much to say to say about politics.
A biopic came out a month ago about Graham's early years called what else Billy:The Early Years. I'm not sure the Graham organization endorses it.


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