It's soon to be Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you will have a bountiful day and reflect on the many privileges and rights we may take for granted in the States.
Is it not odd that a day for gratefulness and prayer (at least the original intention seemed to include prayer) precedes possibly the most consumeristic day of the year. Now this holiday is know for its meal and what follows- sales and Christmas.
It seems that most Thanksgiving lore was taught in our elementary schools. It always included those 'hand' turkey and making a paper pilgrim hat. If you were fortunate you would of heard about the cornucopia, that old goat's horn which spewed forth the fruit of the earth. Legend has it that Zeus was raised by a wild goat and accidentally broke her horn off. In remorse, the Greek god returned the horn but gave it super powers such that whoever possessed it would receive whatever he or she wished for. Eventually the item also known as horn of plenty became associated with harvest and thus found its way into Thanksgiving. As for the turkey, it probably was assumed to be eaten by pilgrims at that supposed 1st Thanksgiving. No concrete evidence. Wild game could cover a lot of stuff. Turkey almost became our national bird. Just think if it did. We would be roasting bald eagle. ;)


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