27 September 2011

The nuptials of Bill and Anna or Royce4 + 1: Part 1

It has been a busy few months and the blog has been rather sparse with content. But I have good excuses.
I got married.
Yep, tied to the knot too, although it should be more likely entwining the rope.
But that is all I will write for now. Instead I will enlist the aid of a guest blogger to fill in the details of the momentous day. You've heard from her before when we wondered about the underwear recall a pastor had down south. We'll be seeing this in parts.
So without further adieu, here's Cindy.

I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a beautiful nuptial recently. It was that of the author of this blog. I know he would rarely say anything kind about himself, so I have offered this guest post to provide a revue. Most often when the author refers to “a friend”, that’s me. I thought I would offer because I had a front row seat.

Overall the weekend was full of surprises. My role was one in the background and yet nearby, so I was able to witness nearly all of the important happenings first hand. Some of my personal favorite highlights included a borrowed shirt, a surprise live radio show, cowbells and GroomWatch.

The Groom and his MFB (Mostly Finnish Bride) have a very supportive circle of friends and family. I was especially impressed with her Nordic farm-raised brothers hauling tables, chairs and various other heavy articles while we decorated the reception area. I also had the blessing of meeting Royce 3, who is intensely similar to Royce4. I got a hearty chuckle out of the resemblance, yes in appearance, but so much more in personality.
We moved on to a rehearsal that was chaotic, intense and emotional.  I could see then that it was beginning to get real for the Groom and his MFB.  They were both tense and joyfully blushing.  Meanwhile myself and a few friends I had stashed backstage were anxiously awaiting the perfect time to break onto the scene and start a surprise radio show written by a fabulously talented writer and music director I know the Groom thinks highly of.  We were frantically texting each other with the latest updates and soon they were right outside the door.  The chef at the rehearsal dinner was in on the deal and helped them make their entrance.  I couldn’t bear to look at the Groom and MFB during the moments the surprise show was playing…though afterward I had a good moment with the MFB.  I received reports that the Groom even shed a tear, though I’m not sure if he was touched, laughing, or just embarrassed that we are his friends!  Nevertheless after all of the business of the night I thought for certain we would all cry like babies the next day so I made immediately for the 24 hour superstore and purchased handkerchiefs for the big day.

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